Conflicts Cultural Heritage faces are multiple, but have we developed effective tools to solve them? International mediation has become a classical solution for chattel assets and for returning collections to different States... but what about identity conflicts? In Menorca 2012 we heard about them, but there are also other tools, such as the ones developed by everyday practices that confront private property and public interest, etc.
Citizen participation has become an essential element in the current agendas of World Heritage management. However, how is this participation being done? How much do people decide about what is kept and what is not? About what is shown and what is not? Do people really want their place or their tradition to become World Heritage? And, are we able to find real channels of understanding, with levels of equality between the population and the political, administrative, or expert bodies in decision making?
The Conference will include participatory experiences, their problems and their benefits, analyzing the role of participation both from private individuals, as from associations and foundations working in World Heritage, and of course also from social networks.


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