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Next week we will be enjoying the 3rd International Conference on Best Practices in World Heritage: Integral Actions but now we want to introduce you to Elena Molina, a post-doc researcher working on cultural heritage, archaeological heritage particularly and education.

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After completing her PhD at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in Bioarchaeology, she has been working on sampling and analysing Organic Residues on archaeological artefacts and their context. Yet, she has also started a new research line combining education and cultural heritage. This line aimed at promoting education for sustainable development, paying particular attention to the role of cultural heritage in this endeavour.

Her case study is the city of Barcelona, where we can find the fine works of Antoni Gaudí designated as World Heritage. In Molina's view, the future of heritage research goes through investing in sustainable education. Therefore, she proposes a new approach to study the city of Barcelona that promotes activities related to education in sustainable development, particularly for children studying at secondary school.

Casa Batlló. Works of A.Gaudí. Source: Wikimedia Commons

We think this is a good standpoint to explore how cultural heritage can contribute to deliver sustainable development and we hope to see Elena Molina at the Conference for further discussing about this issue!


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