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    For the introduction of the Young Researcher in World Heritage of the week, this time we have gone to South Corea, where Hee Joo Kim is doing her fieldwork right now. She is an international researcher graduated in the US (MSc Historic Preservation) and currently doing the Ph.D. in the UK at the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage (UK). Amongst others, she has collaborated with the following departments and institutions:

    Hee Joo´s  Projects & Interests

    Origin of motivation

    Like many Asian countries, South Korea has experienced unprecedented rapid economic development and urbanisation processes that have led to the destruction of many urban heritage sites in the past fifty years.

    Above: Seoul (c.1960)
    Below: Seoul (c. 1980)

    The pictures show the urbanisation processes in Seoul, South Korea dramatically. My very motivation to research starts from the phenomena that razed urban heritage sites during economic revitalisations and urbanisation processes, particularly in Korean regions.

    Hee Joo´s   World Heritage
    Heritage field focused on
    Case of Study
    World Heritage Sites in China, Japan, and Korea

    GyeongJu & JeonJu Historic city in South Korea

    Thank you very much, Hee Joo, for sharing your interests with the Young Researchers in World Heritage!


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