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We are pleased to introduce you all our researcher of the week, Coralie Acheson from the UK and working as Ph.D. in the Ironbridge Institute, University of Birmingham.

To know a bit more about Coralie's current work, please, watch the video:

Coralie´s Projects & Interests

Origin of motivation

I wanted to do a PhD as I absolutely love research. I was working as a heritage consultant in the UK Planning system, something which I really enjoyed because of the investigative element of it. However, the more I progressed in my career, the less actual research I got to do, which was when I realised that it was the research I was particularly interested in. I had developed a real interest in the origin and nature of heritage value, which is so often assumed to be implicit, so was really excited to get the opportunity to work on the Communicating World Heritage values project which my PhD is part of, where I am looking at the communication of values to tourists in Ironbridge Gorge.

Coralie´s World Heritage
Which Heritage field is Coralie focused on?
Case of Study
·         World Heritage
·         Ironbridge Gorge


Many thanks, Coralie, for sharing your profile! We keep on looking for new researchers and professionals in World Heritage!


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