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This week we want to introduce you one international association which is becoming more interesting each day, YOunth in COnservation of Cultural Heritage.

YOCOCU was born in Rome in 2008 with the aim to realize a network among young professionals and researchers, working in Cultural Heritage, in three different ways:
  1. Promoting the conservation and valorization of cultural heritage
  2. Giving a voice to young professionals, to provide them with tools and opportunities to show their participation in the development of the sector.
  3. Matching senior conservators with junior professionals

YOCOCU´s international vocation made it grown quickly and in few years new headquarters have been created in Belgium, Turkey, Croatia, Rumania, Germany, Azerbaijan and Spain. Please, follow the links to read more about the history and projects here below:

  • YOCOCU Spain

  • One of the main activities of YOCOCU is the organization of an international meeting focused on Cultural Heritage devoted to the youth. The last international conference was held in Madrid 2016, in the National Museum and Art Centre Queen Sofia, and the previous editions were in Agsu 2014,  Antwerp 2012, Palermo 2010 and Rome 2008, which have made YOCOCU a network for interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

    If you fancy reading a bit more about the conference (general information in Spanish but podcasts in English): YOCOCU 2016 Conference

    And finally, the presentation of their next International Conference, next May in Palermo, Italy. It will be dedicated to the four main topics:

    1. New technologies in terms of methodologies and materials
    2. Archaeometry and cultural heritage: provenance of natural and artificial stone materials and metals
    3. Protection and Conservation of archaeological sites and buildings
    4. Conservation of Contemporary Art and other modern Materials
    Please, do not hesitate in contacting them to know a bit more about their work, and about their next international conference!

    Have a good week!


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