#YOUNGRESEARCHERS- Nancy Rueda Esteban

Hi dear bloggers!
As you know, we keep on working tirelessly to bring you every week new profiles of wonderful people interested in cultural heritage. Today, Nancy Rueda has talked to us about her interests in tourism and heritage management. She's currently collaborating at the Tourism Business School of the Universidad
Externado (Colombia) as a PhD researcher and using her experience as a young professional.

Please, do not miss out more info on her work in her CvLAC

Nancy is working on the Colombian site of Mompox, whose historic centre was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1995 as an outstanding example of Spanish colonial town. She would be interested in contacting to ICOMOS and ICOM

But, in talking to Nancy, she has shared her with us what motivated her to become a researcher, we would like to include it here for you all:

"Curiosity is the key for knowledge. Since my undergrad, Heritage has been a great mystery. Being a researcher gives me the opportunity to understand itself and creating solutions and new ways of doing things. Understanding how the world works and how heritage impact our every day life".

Site of Mompox. Colombia.

Thank you Nancy (and all previous researchers who have collaborated with us) for your profiles and your support!  We keep on looking for more profiles, so please, do not hesitate to send us yours!! 
See you next week!


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