Hi again WH bloggers!

We have been busy these weeks after attending the 3rd Annual Conference of World Heritage UK at the Coalbrookdale, part of the World Heritage UK Ironbridge George.

The conference was organized by two first level teams those created a joint event in two different approaches to the common topic of "Communicating World Heritage": two days of Academic contributions organized by the Ironbridge International Insitute for Cultural Heritage of the University of Birmingham) and two more days of professionals experiences organized by  World Heritage UK and with the support of Historic England, Arts &Humnaities Research Council and the Ironbridge Geroge Museum Trust.

To know a bit more about such a special venue, please see the following links:

On Tuesday 10th October we were there, speaking about this blog, about the significance of the Young Researchers WH networking project, and about "The Minorca Conferences- Best Practices in World Heritage" within the 5-minutes "Elevator pitches" format of the WH UK conference. 


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