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Our researcher of the week is Richard Bigambo, a young researcher from Tanzania doing his Ph.D. in the United Kingdom. 

Richard´s background is in Archaeology and he speaks Swahili and English

Thank you, Richard, for sharing your profile... we keep on looking for new researchers and professionals in World heritage!


Online profiles:

Richard´s  Projects & Interests

Intangible Cultural Heritage is currently treated by different challenges including globalization and modernization. This, in turn, has led to the creation of different safeguarding practices by governments and non-governmental organization. However, the proposed safeguarding practices have been contested due to their overall impacts or the ineffectiveness in fulfilling their intended objective. Hence, it thought there is a need to further study the existing safeguarding practices so as to find means of improving them

Richard´s  World Heritage
Heritage field focused on
Case(s) of Study
Intangible Heritage


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