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This week we have gone to Italy to introduce you an amazing researcher specialized in archaeological heritage and urban centres: Giorgio Faraci.  He can speak Italian, Spanish and English. For a list of his works, please do not miss out his Academia site!

Although he works at the Department of Architecture of the Università degli Studi di Palermo, he also collaborates with the Centro Regionale per la Progettazione e per il Restauro e per le Scienze Naturali ed Applicate ai Beni Culturali, Regione Siciliana; the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Delegazione Sicilia) and the Club UNESCO di Enna. Considering this extensive experience, maybe further research could involve the University College of London, as he is interested in collaborating with them in the future!

We think that the best way to present Giorgio is through his own nice words:


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