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On this occasion, we are pleased to introduce you an extraordinary PhD researcher based in the UK and originally from Thailand, Bhadravarna Bongsalip, who is specialized in archeology and religious heritage of her country. She speaks tree languages, English, Thai and Lao, but please, check her LinkedIn site for a list of her works!

She is interested in collaborating with Unesco World Heritage Centre, ICCROM, ICOMOS, English Heritage, and World Heritage UK, although she is currently working with the following Departments, organizations, and institutes:

To know a bit more about Bhadravarna´s work, please, keep reading!

Bhadravarna´s  Projects & Interests

Origin of  motivation

I have worked as an archaeologist for the Office of Archaeology, Ministry of Culture about cultural World Heritage in Thailand. This was my great challenge that how to manage cultural heritage sites in the framework of World Heritage and deal with organisations and people at local, national and international levels. The experiences on Thailand World Heritage aspects and difficulty of them in various fields of World Heritage including policy, conflict, management, valorisation, conservation and community participation are my motivation of further study about Cultural heritage and World Heritage.

 Current research

My current research is focused on the religious and urban heritages that based on my Ph.D. thesis, the Religious Heritage of Bangkok: Uses and Survivals in Urban Context, at Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. The core research question is how and which religious heritages are being changed through the activities of different groups of people operating under the pressures of urban change.
Bangkok, the case study area, is a diverse city that is combined with heritage resource, rapid growth living city and destination of domestic and international tourists. Most of the heritage place in Bangkok are religious place. Its religious heritage had been changed in value, form and function by different groups of stakeholders and altering the relationships between the religious heritage places and local communities. This research relates to numbers of the cultural heritage sites in Bangkok such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Wat Phraya Siri that are being presented to inscribe on the World Heritage Tentative List in various projects by the National Committee for Cultural World Heritage.

Bhadravarna´s World Heritage
Which Heritage field is Bhadravarna focused on?
Case(s) of Study
  • Cultural Heritage
  • religious heritage
  • urban heritage
  • heritage management
  • local community participation

Religious heritage in urban, Bangkok, Thailand


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