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Two weeks ago we introduced Dr. Daniel Garrido- Pimentel, co- ordinator of the Prehistoric Caves and Cultural Centres of Cantabria region (Spain), and we will continue introducing exciting profiles of young researchers and professionals in World Heritage around the world to the III International Conference on Best Practices in World Heritage, next May 2018.

In doing this, we aim to help ESR WH* to open new doors and to network building between all our followers. So, please, keep with us during these months!!

 * Early Stage Researchers in World Heritage

But before we move on, we want to introduce our research profiles, to show you who is behind the EST WH network. Nekhet Corpas presented her profile last week, therefore this week we are sharing mine.

About me ;)

I am Alba de Juana, a Spanish PhD researcher based at the University of Birmingham (UK) since October 2016. I worked in different cultural projects in Spain and Germany before beginning my thesis at the Ironbridge Institute, which focuses on the Restitution of Memory after European Urbicide (city-killing) during the 20th Century.


Online profiles:


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