See you in 2018? No... this already started

Since we organized in 2012 the first conference, focused on archaeology, it has rained a lot. In 2015 we managed to encourage a participative environment without many parallels in our discipline. People and communities, the main topic of this edition, became part of the event far beyond the title, with participative actions along the year that ended up with two activities during the conference. Social media started to play a central role too, helping to build a community beyond Academia.
Now we have the challenge to continue meeting our expectations in a new edition of the conference where we aim to bring back the essence of these venues, in a moment when the standardization of tell&go conferences is the norm and the ideas of community, debate and knowledge sharing are being lost. However, although we try hard, we are not super heroes and need your help.
Along the next months we will bring out some debates that will conclude in the conference (May 2018), but we really hope carry on afterwards too. Menorca will be again the venue for this meeting and also the scenario for many of the debates, but we want to share experiences and challenges that are common for all of us and there is where you will play a central role seeking for solutions. We have always said that World Heritage should be the spearhead of cultural heritage management and hopefully it will be more and more.
For the moment, this message wants to make the call... This already started and it will not be a conventional conference. So keep an eye on us. See you around and, hopefully, in Menorca.

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During the visit to Torre d'en Galmés


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