RECIPE: Talayotic Menorca

2 braised veal cheek form  Menorca
1 brocoli
2 big potatoes
Black olives
Dry bread
Dried tomatoes
Wine (preferably Shyra from Menorca)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Once salted, cook the veal cheeks covered in oil, in the oven at 120º C  for 4 hours. Once they are done, remove the excess of oil and cool it. When they are cooled, cut them into 1 cm pieces.
For the olive sand, dehydrate the olives and grind them together with the bread from the oven.
Boil the wine in a pot until it is reduced to almost half. Mix half of it with the broth and add a spoonful of butter.

Cut the potatoes in rectangular shape, one bigger than the other, and crystalize them in olive oil together with the lavender, at low temperature. When it starts boiling stop the cooking and let the oil cool down.


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