When writing this title for the session, mostly everybody can think of tourism and without a doubt, it is so. Tourism is an engine of economic development. In fact, employment and growth data on tourism- related activities greatly surpasses all the other sectors and much tourism is focused on Cultural Heritage, both tangible and intangible. However, Cultural Heritage is more than that, and economic assets should not be the only measure of its worth. Life quality and sustainability, as well as sustainable tourism are key terms that have been greatly used, but in practice they do not fully perform. This Menorca Conference aims to gather experts in economics and business, but also experts in “feelings”. We are interested in socio-urban wealth improvements in global terms, economic and cultural enrichment for those who live in the places, not only for the tourist business. World Heritage should first serve its nearby inhabitants, its people and communities; and more attention is needed to these issues.
In short, we seek participants to present projects of all kinds that will help generate economic and cultural wealth to those living in areas considered World Heritage, their true protagonists and stakeholders.


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